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A Run-On from a Grammar Queen

There is that moment when you find yourself prepping work for students while Waitress plays in the background and then all of a sudden you're not prepping work at all because you've searched the lyrics for "She Used to Be Mine" on Google and try to sing along, but of course your voice is wrecked from teaching already, even though it's only the first day of the week, and instead of stopping you continue to sing along poorly until you see a YouTube video of Jessie Mueller peeking out from the bottom of the lyrics page that's just calling your name, so of course you click on it and end up in tears because she's just so darn wonderful and you wonder if you've given up on your dream which obviously necessitates a phone call to your brother who lives 3500 kilometres away where he makes you realize in 15 seconds flat that you haven't given up on your dream and are being stupid, so suck it up buttercup because you're doing fine.


Joyanne :D

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