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What I Teach:

Speech Arts & Drama:

Speech Arts & Drama is a vast subject through the Royal Conservatory of Music that covers the art of speech performance. Studies include performance in poetry, prose, scene work and acting, mime, public speaking, and oral storytelling. Higher grades are also able to study technique & theory, and history & literature. I studied Speech Arts & Drama for 10 years under Shirley Konrad of The Speech Studio and have been qualified to teach Speech Arts & Drama since 2012. Speech Arts & Drama is a great way to instill confidence in students to help them with all other pursuits, whether within in the arts or otherwise. 

For more information on Speech Arts & Drama, check out the syllabus here

Voice (Musical Theatre):

I have been singing since the ripe, old age of three years old. What started as solo Ukrainian folk singing turned into choral Ukrainian folk singing, then classical choral singing, musical theatre, and finally opera. I have been a student of noted Edmonton tenor Ron Long since 2012 and have found that much of my speech training transitioned quite well to song. I am highly concerned with vocal health and have taken various vocal workshops to learn as much as I can about the voice in song. By studying voice with me you can be sure that we will work together to get the sound you're looking for while being safe. 

Classical Music Theory:

I will be 100% honest with you: I hated theory growing up too. Having 20/20 hindsight vision, however, I am so thankful that my piano teacher pushed me to do the work because I have the tools to pick up a piece of music and learn it on my own. As a result, I am a huge fan of theory now and enjoy teaching it. I promise to make learning it as painless and possible (but you do need to do the work - no learning through osmosis here!). 


Cantoring or liturgical singing is the practice of leading a congregation in worship within the Eastern Christian tradition. My background is in Ukrainian Catholic liturgical singing, so lessons would be focused on the melodies of this denomination. Classes are offered in plain-chant (for Epistle readings), the hymns and prayers of the Divine Liturgy and Vespers services, Resurrectional and Samohlasny tones (used for Divine Liturgy and Vespers services), plus baptisms, funerals, and weddings. While learning the material, we will always be focused on singing healthily. 

Other Services:

Audition/Interview Prep:

An outside eye can sometimes be useful. I have been on both sides of the table so I know what I like to see from performers as well as what it's like to prepare for auditions (yes, you have to prepare for auditions; believe me, they know if you're winging it!). The same goes for interviews. In our sessions we will talk about research, presentation, posture, confidence, speaking, all to help you get the job or gig you're looking for. Need to sing? We can work on that too. I'm here for you to show you that you've got the ability and tools. All you need now is to shine. 

Coaching for One-Off Projects:

Congrats! You got the gig! Now you might need some extra help to make sure you're hitting the notes in a way that gets the sound you want in a healthy way. That's what I'm here for. We'll work as much or as little as you need. Or maybe there's a part of your voice you're having trouble with. We'll work together to troubleshoot what's going on and move forward accordingly. 

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