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Private Classes

Weekly private classes and coaching in such disciplines as musical theatre voice, speech & drama, and liturgical singing. For more info on subjects, click here

$35 per 30 minutes

$45 per 45 minutes

$55 per 60 minutes​

Short-term coaching is also available. Subjects include auditions, interview prep, and coaching for musical projects. Prices same as above.

To sign up, contact Joyanne today!


A passionate voice coach, Joyanne has led a number of workshops on public speaking and voice production to emerging and active clergy in Edmonton and Ottawa, as well as lay choral groups. For all those who wish to learn more about the voice, how it works, and how to become a more confident, engaging speaker/singer, Joyanne would be happy to do the same! Contact her today to discuss rates and programming.

Have questions about classes that need answering? Check out the FAQ page!

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